We will offer a few different tintures that are made from alcohol, glycerin or in an olive oil base. We also offer hash pills when available.

Cannabis Muffins​

The Look for Us

Tested products from reliable bakers using quality ingredients 
​An assortment of muffins 

Cannabis Tinctures

We will carry sativa, indica and some nice hybrids

Cannabis Flowers

​​The real deal. We will carry some of Oregon's finest flowers


​Quality Ingredients​

We will carry products made with top quality ingredients            that medical patients can feel confident about. 
This is made using Cold Water and is clean and safe when used as directed. It is not made with butane or other harmful substance.
​​​​It really is all about customer service and helping people with their purchases. A knowledgeable staff that cares about you. 

​​Our Products

​Cannabis Concentrates

And a selection of Chocolate and Candies.

​      Chocolate  & Candy

Nice Selection

  We are excited to be branching out and are currently looking for   locations in the Eugene, Oregon area. We hope to be open in the       fall and will be hiring local help. We look forward to seeing you   there at THE HEMP CENTER, Eugene, very very soon!. 

​Cannabis Cookies

The Shatter and Wax are processed cannabis concentrates and are very strong. Butane is often used to make them and plenty of ventilation and caution should be used with these products. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Cannabis Edibles

​Friendly Staff

Cold Water Hash

​Coming Soon

Shatter and Wax

We will have a variety of                      Cookies   


​We will feature top quality